Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kristin Smith!!!

This past winter I tried to look you up but with the last name Smith it was not an easy task.
I would love to get back in touch with you- email me at
Are you still in PA?
I want to know what's happening these days with you.
Sarah Wysocki

Btw how could I forget you-you were my partner in crime for 2 years as a kid two years is pretty big time!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's been awhile

So it's been a little while since I've wrote anything.
I am now living life on land and am happy with that- boat life ended a bit suddenly- but all is well that ends well.
I am gearing up to go to Paris on Monday to meet up with my friend Annie and to see Elliot as well.
Eli has been kicking it in Spain and we are having a romantic rendevous in Paris- should be good times.
It is weird having a sidekick- I am so use to doing whatever I want to do whenever I want with no real regard for someone else.
I'll either adjust or won't but I haven't decided which way it'll go yet.
There is so much to do in this life and I am afraid that I won't be able to get around to everything- but I suppose I'll get to do what I meant to do.

I am trying to get things organized for Thailand, but there are some things I need to get in order before I run off again.
I still have one course left before I am an official college graduate and that is becoming my numero uno priority.

Once I finish that I will be going to Thailand and will probably be taking a position teaching abroad.

I am heading back to Chicago for the holidays- it will be good to see the family and reconnect with my long lost friends. It's been awhile since I've spent any time there- I bounce in and out for a few days here and there but I never hang out for substantial amount of time.
Good old Chicago- got to love it.
More to come

Thursday, August 10, 2006

a few more details

SO as promised, here is some more info on what I have been doing as of late.
The last month or so I’ve been working for Lindblad Expeditions they are a great company to work for and I’ve been enjoying my time.

It’s funny I go from being Cinderella cleaning toilets to being a forty year old waitress. At least that is what I pretend- in the morning I carry around a Cinderella bucket and pretend that all the animals are my friends. In the afternoon, I transform into a forty-year-old bitter waitress with a smokers cough. It’s a pretty funny job for me to have and most of you would get a real kick out of watching me in action. Luckily, my social skills are up to par so I can make up for my complete lack experience and grace when it comes to waiting tables. Every week I have a few couples who are mesmerized by my charms, smile, and tell me it’s cute that I spill soup on their laps, or drop knives on them.

Actually that is my favorite part of the job is schmoozing it up with the guests- for the most part they are amazing people and are have a lot of interesting life experiences and as most of you know I am always up to hear other people’s story.

On days when I feel bad about having to clean up after people’s explosive diarrhea, I head up to the bridge where the captain lets me drive the boat; it’s good for my ego. The captain reminds me a lot of my father and I hope that they get to meet one day because I think a solid friendship would certainly be made. After the captain finishes reading the morning news, I’ll ask him what’s going on in the world and he responds by saying something charming like “nothing new the towel heads are still blowing each other up.” Yet he’s able to say it in a manner that is not as offensive as it sounds.

Recently I started a relationship with a younger man, shocking I know. I’m not sure where it is going or where I want to go but for now, I’m fine with that. It seems that most things in my life are fully of uncertainty and I have come accustomed to that- I like being open to life and having the flexibility to take or leave things as they come.

At any rate I’m going to sign off for now, I’ll be back more maybe next time with some actual stories of my life’s happenings.

I don’t know how to post replies to my messages so don’t worry if you can’t figure it out either but if you do know how to do make you could post it for others.

Sarah's Blog

Sarah's Blog
Matt thanks for setting this up- I am glad that gasworks gallery is getting a lot of positive press you deserve it

So I have a blog now- I might actually use it.
Tonight I was thinking about a story that Shannon told me and it made me look at how lucky the Wysocki clan is to have each other.
Being the fourth Wysocki to work on the boat has been a pretty cool experience so far- it's been really interesting hearing about all the other Wysocki's and how great each of you were.
One funny thing is that the people who know Cindy tell me that I act just like Cindy where as the people who know Mary say I act just like Mary and my sense of humor has been compared to Bill.

By the way Bill, Trogget was telling me about how you served dinner with a hotdog hanging out of your apron- I wish I could have been there for that.

Everyday I hear stories of the Wysocki legends and it makes me feel like the family is really close- which is nice.
I have some stories to tell but it's getting late so I'm going to call it a night.

Shannon remember no matter what happens in life you will have a whole crew of people who love and will do anything for you.

I know in my life I have been able to risks because I know I have a huge safety net backing me up- plus if anyone hurts you it's easy to get a big group of people who will convince you that they are the idiot not you- which is usually the case.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gasworks Gallery

There is an art gallery in Seattle that is busting with life and positives vibes. In a city that seems to be half-dead and half anti-social Gasworks Gallery is a bright glowing diamond in the rough.

The mastermind behind Gasworks Gallery is Matt Jones, an amazingly positive and down-to-earth guy. Matt has traveled all over the world and has dazzled many with
his charismatic personality and warm smile.

I would say Gasworks Gallery is worth checking out- if for no other reason than to meet an amazing person. So check it out at - even if you are not in the Seattle area the website is worth viewing.

All the best
Sarah Wysocki